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Support Staff

Support Staff
Contact Adilene Alcantar  Adilene Alcantar ex: 5900 Office Manager
Contact Dilva Arguello  Dilva Arguello Health Assistant
Contact Adilene Bobadilla  Adilene Bobadilla Gear Up
Contact Veronica Carrillo  Veronica Carrillo Kitchen Assistant
Contact Isaiah Chavarria  Isaiah Chavarria Campus Supervisor/ After School Staff
Contact Jennifer Doughty  Jennifer Doughty Nurse
Contact Ana Gomez  Ana Gomez Office Assistant
Contact Max Gonzales  Max Gonzales Campus Supervisor/ After School Staff
Contact Maria Luna  Maria Luna ex: 5986 Campus Supervisor
Contact Jessica Macias  Jessica Macias Academic Counselor
Contact Monica Miramontes  Monica Miramontes PVPSA Counselor
Contact Veronica Miranda  Veronica Miranda ex: 5982 Kitchen Manager
Contact Daniel Murphy  Daniel Murphy School Psychologist
Contact Daliana Olivo  Daliana Olivo ex: 5926 Instructional Support Staff / Gudenau
Contact Brenda Ortiz  Brenda Ortiz District Counselor
Contact Esteban Ortiz  Esteban Ortiz Migrant Ed. Resource Teacher
Contact Kristen Prestridge  Kristen Prestridge ex: 5985 English Language Specialist
Contact Jen Salinas-Holz  Jen Salinas-Holz ex: 5977 Site Computer Support Technician
Contact Elsa Sanchez  Elsa Sanchez ex: 5933 Librarian
Contact Izamar Sanchez  Izamar Sanchez Girls Paving the Way Counselor
Contact Edmundo Silva-Ibarra  Edmundo Silva-Ibarra Sys Admin
Contact Cyntia Vazquez  Cyntia Vazquez ex: 5982 Kitchen Cook
Contact Veronica Ventura  Veronica Ventura Attendance Specialist