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Pajaro Valley Unified School District

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    8th grade celebration Videos

    Eagle Videos

    celebrating Lakeview Eagles

    Karen Gomez

    Dress Code

    Dress CodeReminders:

    • No solid RED or Burgundy or BLUE clothing, accessories (shoes, hats, any kind of accessory, etc.)
    • Hats can not be worn in class
    • No spaghetti strapped blouses/tank tops
    • No shorts or skirts shorter than 3 fingers above your knee
    • *a full list of rules will be provided at registration or you can ask in the front office for a copy

    Recordatorios del vestuario de los alumnos: 

    • No se permite ninguna ropa con colores sólidos de color ROJOo ginda o AZUL 
    • Gorras no se permiten usar en las clases/aulas
    • No se permiten blusas o camisetas con tirantes chicos/tipo spaghetti
    • No se permiten faldas o shorts cortos; tienen que estar no menos que 3 dedos arriba de la rodilla


    Edition #14 of Ask Dr. Rodriguez includes a response to the following question from a parent: What learning options and or resources are you offering for families with students at high risk for developing complications from COVID-19? The remaining 9 questions also address common concerns in our community. 


    La Edición #14 de Pregunte a la Dra. Rodriguez incluye una respuesta a esta pregunta de un padre: ¿Qué opciones de aprendizaje y / o recursos ofrecen para las familias con estudiantes con alto riesgo de desarrollar complicaciones por COVID-19? Las 9 preguntas restantes también abordan inquietudes comunes en nuestra comunidad

    Posted 7/13/20

    The District is considering opening a new school that would function as an online, independent program, PVUSD Virtual Academy.  Our next step is to determine the level of interest in the Virtual Academy. The linked document includes a letter from the Office of the Superintendent describing the new virtual school, a form that interested families should complete and submit by Wednesday, July 22, and a list of the proposed courses by grade level.  The completed form should be returned to Mr. Rick Ito, Director of Student Services at 



    Access letter, form and proposed course list here:



    El Distrito está considerando abrir una nueva escuela que funcionaría como un programa independiente en línea, la Academia Virtual PVUSD. Nuestro siguiente paso es determinar el nivel de interés en la Academia Virtual. El documento en el enlace incluye una carta de la Oficina de la Superintendente que describe la nueva escuela virtual, un formulario que las familias interesadas deben completar y enviar antes del miércoles 22 de julio, y una lista de los cursos propuestos por nivel de grado. El formulario completo debe devolverse al Sr. Rick Ito, Director de Servicios Estudiantiles al 


    Enlace a la carta, formulario y lista de cursos propuestos:

    Posted 7/9/20
    Technology Reminders/ Recordatorio sobre la tecnologia: 
    1. Come to Class with your Chromebook Charged.

    2. Earbuds may not be worn/visible outside of class ie wrapped around student's necks or ears

    3. Cell phones are not allowed to be turned on during school hours
    4. Chrome books: all activity on your chrome book is being monitored. Please be responsible in visiting websites only for school use.  
    5. Do not toss your chrome book or hold it with one hand-please be responsible in maintaining your chrome book as it is a tool for learning. *a full list of tech rules will be provided at registration or you can ask in the front office for a copy

    Recordatorio sobre la tecnologia: 

    1. Ven a clase con tu Chromebook cargado
    2. No se permiten que los alumnos usen sus audifonos afuera del uso en clase: que se vean en sus cuellos o esten colgando de sus orejas
    3. Telefonos celulares no pueden estar prendidos durante las horas escolares
    4. Chrome books: toda la actividad en estas computadoras son monitoreadas por el distrito.  Favor de ser responsables en unicamente visitar sitios en la red de internet para cumplir con sus tareas educativas
    5. Favor de no tirar, aventar or detener el chrome book con una mano-sean responsables en mantener su chrome book ya que es una herramienta de aprendizaje  
    6. *una lista completa de las reglas de la escuela seran proveidas cuando registre su hijo/a o puede pedir una copia en la oficina

    School Mission

    Lakeview is a community of parents, students, educators and support staff that are committed to creating and maintaining a safe, supportive school environment that provides challenging learning opportunities and inspires family participation, giving all our students the skills and abilities necessary to make positive choices and succeed as independent learners and conscientious, caring adults.


    Aerial view of LMS
    Google Earth Image of Lakeview Middle School


    Lakeview Middle School was once the site of a California Indian village and burial grounds. It is nestled at the foot of the coastal mountains at the edge of the Pajaro Valley. The southern boundary of Lakeview Middle School is formed by the confluence of the Corralitos and Salsipuedes Creeks as they meander and drain into the Pajaro River. Several small lakes encircle the northern edge of the campus with both Kelly Lake and College Lake providing prominent views from the campus. The Pajaro Valley Unified School District purchased a twenty-three acre parcel from the Salesian Society in August of 1991, acquired State approval in 1993 and the school was actually built in 1994. A committee of parents, students, teachers and community members was involved in naming the school. Seventy-two names were submitted and the final outcome was Lakeview Middle School. The school serves students in grades six through eight.